Movement Medicine Membership

In sports medicine, the traditional focus of a physical therapist typically includes rehabilitation, injury prevention, and enhancing athletic performance. However, this conventional approach is often reactive and overlooks other crucial factors that contribute to an athlete's overall success.

At Movement Medicine, we strive to take a proactive and holistic approach to educating and consulting our athletes to achieve optimal outcomes. This approach incorporates lifestyle, nutrition, daily and weekly routines, workload management, and recovery techniques. Our method not only addresses the factors contributing to pain and injury but also improves performance and educates our athletes on how they can achieve their goals.

We offer this comprehensive plan of care through our Movement Medicine Membership program. This program begins with a sport-specific examination and athlete assessment. Our assessment utilizes force plate and dynamometer technology to objectively measure range of motion, strength, functional movement patterns, as well as power and force generation. This allows us to identify impairments that could contribute to injury or negatively affect performance.

Following the athlete's assessment, we develop an individualized program tailored to each athlete's specific goals. This program is implemented through in-person and remote training, including one-on-one sessions and online coaching. Our hybrid model results in a holistic approach and provides consultation and instruction both in person and via our application. Our application incorporates each athlete's specific programming as well as educational resources and instruction on how they can improve their lifestyle to achieve optimal outcomes.

We utilize our in-person treatment sessions for both hands-on/manual therapy and reassessment of strength, range of motion, and sport-specific movement. Manual therapy is used to address pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Reassessment is conducted to update objective measures and adjust programming accordingly. Each athlete’s program is then refined based on these updated findings.

We utilize our application to provide individualized programming, including video demonstrations and instructions. This allows our athletes to effectively and efficiently achieve their goals, enabling them to execute their programs both at our facility and independently.

In conclusion, at Movement Medicine, we are committed to advancing the field of sports medicine by embracing a proactive and holistic approach. By integrating comprehensive assessments, personalized programming, and innovative technology through our Movement Medicine Membership program, we empower athletes to not only recover from injuries and enhance performance but also to cultivate sustainable health and wellness habits. Whether through hands-on treatments or our intuitive application, we are dedicated to supporting each athlete's journey towards achieving their full potential in sports and life.